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How to End Your 2017 Right

There are only 3 months left of 2017.
And regardless of if you have completed everything off your 2017 to do list or not, it’s true.

The good news is that wherever this year has taken you, whether you have moved closer to or further from your goals, it is not too late to change how it ends.

So here are some simple tips to end your 2017 right, no matter how it’s been going:

  1. Write down all of the wonderful things about 2017 so far.
    • Think big and small here; What have you achieved? Maybe you have repaired your relationship with your Mother, went on a trip, read some good books, met new, life changing people, or maybe you just started to do more things that you enjoy. Anything and everything good that you can think of.
  2. Stop being so hard on yourself.
    • So you didn’t achieve all of your resolutions, did you at least start making some better choices/ action steps towards your goals?
      • Yes?? Ok, you didn’t lose that 30 pounds, but you did buy those workout clothes and you have been eating more vegetables. As a result your blood pressure has went down and your Doctor and family can worry less, so good for you! Learn to celebrate the small victories.
      • No? You haven’t done a single thing to get you closer to your goals? But are you happy, have you been enjoying yourself? Well, then that’s ok, but it also leads me to my next tip.
  3. Re-evaluate your goals.
    • Are the goals you wrote down in January still relevant or important to you? If not, change them! 
    • Quite often people set goals to please other people, or because they think other’s want them to do something. However, if you are not internally motivated to do something, not only will you be less likely to achieve said goal (hence, why you haven’t reached that goal yet), but you will also be more likely to resent that person and be miserable throughout the process.
    • Make sure you are doing it for YOU.  Make sure your goals are important to you and excite you.
  4. Pick the goal that means the most to you.
    • Write down 3 things that you can do this week to get you on track/ closer to actually achieving that goal.
    • Schedule those things into your calendar, write it on a sticky note on your bathroom mirror, set reminders in your phone, and make sure you do them.
    • Write down how you will feel when you achieve that goal and how you will celebrate when you reach it.
    • Plan for success!
  5. Smile more. And relax.
    • This may sound silly, but smiling is not only contagious, but it actually makes you feel happier. Smiling also makes you appear nicer and can actually draw people too you, which can lead to both improved quality of life and success.
    • Learn to stop worrying so much. The majority of people waste their time imagining the worst possible scenario, meanwhile worrying is the biggest waste of time there is. The time you spend worrying will not actually change the outcome of whatever it is you are concerned about. Furthermore every minute you spend worrying is a minute that you could have been happy, imagining something wonderful, but instead you chose to focus on thoughts that make you upset.
    • So, if you want to have a happier and more pleasant 2017, learn to relax and focus on the good. But don’t forget to smile, at everyone, even strangers; just smile all the time, ok.
  6. Don’t give up and wait for 2018
    • Just because the year is almost over doesn’t mean you should just push your goals back and wait for the New Year.
    • The majority of people who set ‘New Years Resolutions’ don’t attain them.
    • The most successful people are the people who chose to start now. I’m sure you’ve realized by now that tomorrow never comes, and there is always another Monday next week. Therefore there is no better time to start then right now! 
    • … Ok, that last bullet was a little cheesey, but it’s true so go read it again if you have too!

I hope that the rest of 2017 is a major turning point in your life and that amazing things happen to you!

* Remember, if things don’t seem to be going your way, change your attitude about the situation and try to look for the good in every situation that you encounter.


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How To Get Back on Track

Life happens.
There is no such thing as the “perfect diet”.

So whenever you ‘fall off track’ the best way to deal with it is to forget about it and move on!

Do not stress or feel guilty.
Do not ‘over exercise the extra calories.’
Do not starve yourself for the next week.
Don’t starve yourself for the next week.
Do not make a big deal out of it, look at the bigger picture of your life.

Get right back on track.

Allow yourself to enjoy social events that include food, without feeling guilty, knowing that getting back on track is as easy as enjoying the meal, accepting it, and moving on.

However, if you struggle with getting back on track after a binge or a long weekend of poor eating, I have put together some tips to help you get back into the swing of things:

  1. Step away from the scale. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT weigh yourself the day after a holiday, cheat meal, night out. Your body will most likely be holding more water from eating differently than you normally do (processed, unhealthy foods tend to be higher in salt, therefore causing your body to store more water) and drinking less water (and maybe drinking more alcohol). This does not mean that you actually gained 5-10 pounds from one meal, one weekend of falling off track. Give yourself a few days, or even a week for your body to release the extra water, if you feel the need to weigh yourself.
  2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: Aim to drink at least 500ml (1 generic bottle) of water more than you usually do. This will help to re-hydrate after any dehydrating activities over the weekend, but will also help to reduce bloating and decrease the amount of water your body is holding, which can also help with the ‘sluggish’ feeling. Green or herbal teas can also be great for helping to decrease bloating or stomach cramps, while also helping to hydrate and provide antioxidants.
  3. Eat fruits and vegetables at every meal. This will give your body the vitamins and nutrients that it has been missing, which will help with the aforementioned ‘sluggish’ feeling. Furthermore, the fiber can also help get you feeling regular again, if you know what I mean…
  4. Ease back into your exercise routine. There is no need to work extra hard in the gym just because you had a piece of cake, however, you should try to get back to your normal exercise routine. Don’t allow falling off track with your diet to spiral into falling off track with everything.
  5. Forget about it, move on, and prepare to fall of track again. It’s easy to stay on track when you are in complete control of everything and eat all of your meals at home, however, that is no way to live life. Just because you have goals, or are trying to be healthy, is no reason to avoid social events that you are not in control. Just make the best choices possible, don’t eat until you feel like you are going to throw up, enjoy the company you are with, knowing you can always get back on track.
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Intend to Have a Better Life

Every second of every day that you are awake is spent thinking; whether it’s the thoughts in your head, thinking about what someone is saying, thinking about what you’re going to say next, or reacting to a new situation, if you are awake you are thinking. 
So it’s safe to say that your thoughts have a large impact on your life. 
Did you know that the thoughts you think are actually shaping your life? 

Your thoughts can not only change the things you do in a day and how you react to the events of your life, but they can change the future and therefore the quality of your life. 
The more you complain, the more you look for the bad, the more you are going to see it. Furthermore, the more you look for the good things, the more you will start to see the good in your own life. 

Like attracts like, it’s not just me trying to be an optimist here, it’s science. 
If you are not completely satisfied with your life right now, or even if there are certain areas that you wish to improve on, this is great news! This means that you do not have to wait for something else to happen or change in your life, and you can actually start to have a better life, today. 
You might be waiting for something in particular to happen, and then you will be happy and enjoy your life, but it doesn’t work that way. If you want something that will make you happy you have to be happy now in order to get those things. 
This is not necessarily a change you can make overnight, but it is something that you can start working towards now.
I want you to intend to make your life better. 
What are intentions you ask? Intentions are essentially a plan. 

So basically I want you to plan to be happy.  

I want you to plan to look for the good in your life. 

I want you to plan to let go of the little things. 

I want you to plan to live an amazing life. 
Where to start? (I recommend getting a journal or something and making lists) 
Start by being thankful for all of the good that you already have in your life. Even if you don’t think you have a lot to be thankful for, I guarantee there are plenty… Where did you wake up today? Were you in a nice comfortable bed, in a home with hydro and running water? Do you have a family and friends who love and support you? How’s your health? You’re able to read, correct? You have the privilege of having some sort of device to use the internet? ….and the list goes on; trust me although you may not have everything you want you are blessed with some pretty amazing things. 
Then I want you to intend to only look for the good in every situation, as soon as something happens that you want to complain, look for something positive about it. If you look hard enough you will find it. 

Intend to only talk about happiness, health and prosperity; stop focusing on the bad news, gossip, sad events going on in the world, you will never leave a conversation feeling happier talking about those things. 

Intend to let it go; whatever is bothering you, whatever chip you have on your shoulder, something that you were hoping to happen that hasn’t, just let it go. I am a big believer in whatever is meant to be will always find a way, so if you don’t get what you were hoping for that means something better is coming your way, but you will never receive it if you spend so much time being upset and negative about whatever you didn’t get. 

Intend to be kind and give love to every person you meet. No, don’t make love to every person you meet, but give love; be nice, compliment others, show appreciation, be the first to say hello, smile at strangers. 
I do a lot of reflecting. 

It helps me see where I’m improving, what I have achieved, and usually helps me to change my mood and feel better. 
A little thing I like to do every week (usually on a Sunday) is to write out my achievements for the week, big or small, write down my goals for the week/ what I want to accomplish, and write down things that would make the week great. 

So even if I feel like I was unproductive this week, this helps me to refocus on the good, and plan for an even better week to come. 
Stop dreading Mondays, plan to enjoy your Mondays!
I could go on and on about intentions and reflecting, however I planned on keeping this short and sweet and it is already getting quite long, so I am going to come to a conclusion now (and maybe do more on this topic at another time. 
Be thankful & actively seek things that make you happy, or be the light that brings happiness to others, you will be surprised as to how good that makes you feel. 

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Why Fitness is Really Important

Sure, having a six pack and huge biceps can make you feel cool, maybe give you a bit of confidence for a bit. However, it is not going to improve your quality of life. 
Fitness is really important because of the long term benefits and the impact it can have on your future. 

I’ve gotten to the point in my life (yes, I’ve reached this point after only 22 years) where having abs isn’t my life purpose. Yes, I do want to feel comfortable in my skin, but my self-worth will not be dictated by my body fat percentage. 

Of course, like most people, I worry about what people think about me. 

But, I no longer let those thoughts occupy much of my time. 

The more I learn about my body, what it can do, and how certain exercise affects it, the more I enjoy it. 
Fitness has helped to not only change my physical body, but shape the person I am today. 

Not only am I stronger in the gym, but I am more confident in my physical capabilities. 

I have seen the benefits of exercising as you age.

I have seen them in clients of mine, in their late 40’s and 50’s who say that they feel that they are in the best shape now that they have ever been. 

I have seen the effects in my 81 year old Grandmother, who does something active every day, whether that be going to the gym, riding her bike, or just going for a long walk, I think this woman may be healthier than me!
There is so much information about how exercise can improve health and decrease risk of disease, but none of those reasons evoke any emotion. So I decided to write about my exercise is actually important. 
I will continue to exercise because I want to age gracefully and with a higher quality of life. 

I will continue to exercise because I want to be strong enough to do things for myself when a man isn’t around to do it for me. 

I will continue to exercise because I want to be able to carry the groceries in, or run up the stairs without getting winded.

I will continue to exercise because I want to be healthy and strong enough to walk around without be at a risk of falling and breaking a hip. 

I will continue to exercise because I want to be healthy enough to run around and play with my kids and grandkids.

I will continue to exercise because I plan on spending the rest of my life making happy memories, not memories of being stuck inside a Doctor’s office.

I will continue to exercise because I know my body feels better when I do. 
My goal in life is not to live forever, but to enjoy it as much as I can.
You cannot control everything in life, in fact, there are many things that are out of your control. 

But, one thing that you can control is your habits. 

Do your current habits improve your quality of life?

If not, hopefully, this is the sign you needed to make a change! 

If so, keep on doing what you’re doing, and never let somebody tell you you’re too old to exercise!

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3 Simple Changes To Help You Lose Weight

1. Move as much as possible.

Stand up as often as you can, try to find things that you currently sit and do that you can do standing instead.
When sitting get up every 30 minutes and walk and/or stretch for as little as 2 minutes.
Fidget more.
Inconvenience yourself: make multiple trips carrying groceries, go to the far washroom at work, park at the far end of parking lot.
Make it your mission to sit less frequent, and for shorter periods at a time during the day.
** Research has proven that a 5 minute walking break every hour could burn an extra 500+ calories a week, that means without changing anything else in your routine you could lose 7 – 10 pounds in a years time.

2. Drink more water (and other zero calorie beverages)

Water not only helps your body function optimally, but sometimes you can feel hungry when you are actually just thirsty. Therefore drinking a glass of water before you eat can make sure that you are truly hungry, learning to eat only when your body is actually hungry (not bored or thirsty) is a great way to lose weight.
Furthermore, liquid calories, like pop, alcohol, specialty coffees, etc., may taste great, but they give you zero nutritional value with a tonne of calories.
By consuming calorie free beverages, like water, green tea, black coffee (or decreasing the amount of sugar/ milk in your coffee) is a great way to decrease your overall calorie consumption.
For example, say everyday at lunch you have your typical lunch with a can of coke. That can of coke is about 150 calories, in one week that adds up to 1050 calories, over a year that is 54,600 calories of sugar… If you cut out just that can of pop and nothing else for one year, you would lose 15lbs…. 15lbs just from cutting out one can of pop!

3.  Eat more fruits and vegetables

Start every meal or snack with either a piece of fruit or raw vegetables.
Fill up with healthy foods first and you will find that you become “full” faster, leaving less room for that highly processed junk that you usually crave. Did you know that those super delicious junk foods you crave, the ones with loads of added sugars and fats, are actually designed to leave you feeling still hungry? It is no snaccident that you are still hungry and craving more after you eat junk food, that’s the way it is made, it is made to make you over consume…. Whole foods on the other hand leave you feeling satisfied, which will not only fill your body with nutrients that it needs and allow you to feel like you are eating more, but you will actually be consuming fewer calories!

4. Stop Mindless snacking! (Bonus)

This last tip is sort of an extra, but it will make a huge difference so I didn’t want to leave it out!
Instead of just going to the pantry at night as you are watching TV and devouring a whole bag of chips – portion out 1 serving, and actually pay attention to the flavour of the food.
Have you ever sat down with a box of Oreos and before you knew it you were grabbing plastic because they were all gone?! We’ve all been there, and it’s OK. 
You will be surprised as to how much more satisfied you feel when you actually taste and eat your food mindfully, rather than stuffing it in your mouth like a zombie.
** However if you are following tip #3 your bag of chips should be some raw veggies and dip….and then if you are still hungry having 1 serving of chips/ 1 cookie, etc.
Furthermore, once you start paying attention to what you are eating and not just eating anything and everything that is presented to you (the candy bowl at work, leftovers, donuts that a co-worker picked up, etc.) you will see how quickly those odds and ends can add up.

There it is!

It’s not a quick fix by any means, but if you add in these tips to your everyday life I almost guarantee that you will start to see results.

Even if it is just one pound a month, in one year that is twelve pounds, which is twelve in the right direction.

Weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated!

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What Are You Waiting For?

Whether you are waiting for Friday, summer, a vacation, to lose the weight, whatever it is; we seem to always be waiting.

Have you noticed that?
All week long people ask, “is it Friday yet?”
All throughout the winter people complain about the cold, counting down to summer.
People say they will start living their life when they reach a certain goal.

We are forever counting down, and wishing away, the days for a certain event.

However, most of life is spent waiting.

There are more days during the week that are considered “work days” than there are days on the weekend.
That means, instead of making the most out of those days in the middle, most people spend the majority of their time complaining and being miserable while they wait for it to be the weekend again.

Winter, especially if you are in Canada, can feel like forever, but it is inevitable.
Every year we know it is going to come, so why do we instantly start complaining and allow something that isn’t a big surprise to drastically change our mood so much.

Unless you are one of the lucky people who live in a vacation spot, the chances are you are not always on vacation, and for most of us that means we are working and at our “boring, every day lives” the majority of the time.

This means that we waste the majority of our time waiting and being miserable, by choice.

The good news is you can change your life, by changing your outlook.
You can lose so much happiness by continually waiting for outside circumstances to change so that you can be happy. However, the happiest people are not the ones who’s lives are perfect and who are always doing something exciting, they are the ones who make a conscious choice to be happy and enjoy life now.

Instead of waiting for the weekend, or for summer,  make the most out of your time now. Focus on the positives and start to find things you enjoy about the time that you usually dread. Learn to look for things you like about your job (your co-workers, helping others, or that you have a paying job), find a new winter hobby, look for little things to make you happy during the “waiting” periods.
Monday through Thursday and winter coming every year are both inevitable, you know they are coming, so why let something that you have no control over dictate your mood. Stop allowing things that you cannot control effect your moods, take control of your life; choose to see the good, choose to find things that make you happy, and stop allowing the inevitable events make you miserable.

Just stop complaining.

The easiest way to be happier, any day of the week, any time of the year, is to stop focusing on all the “bad things” and to look for things that make you happy.

Our thoughts are like an avalanche, if you look for the bad and are miserable you will start to see more and more until you feel those thoughts have totally overwhelmed you. However, if you look for the good then you will start to see more and more of it until you are overjoyed with good thoughts.

Stop waiting for a certain day, a certain season, a certain someone to notice you; go out and make life happen instead of letting life happen to you.

Life is too fragile to spend so much of it sad and miserable. It is better to look back and see that you made the most out of each day, maybe made a few mistakes along the way, but that you enjoyed life, rather than to look back and regretting all the things you didn’t do, and all the time you wasted waiting for something to save you.

Smile more.
Be kind to others.
Laugh as much as you can.
Take up a new hobby.
Ask that person out.
Audition for the play.
Put yourself out there.
Live the life you have always wanted to live.

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What You Think You Want (to be skinny) vs What You Actually Want

I’ve been there, thinking that if you could just fit into a certain size, or weigh a particular number that you would be happy.

Thinking that once I reach my goal and get “skinny enough” everything will just fall into place; I will enjoy my life, people will like me, that boy will like me, I will be happy and like myself….

However, that’s not the reality.

With that kind of thinking you will never truly be satisfied.

These kinds of thoughts lead to very unhealthy behaviours.

You start to realize that even though you reached what you thought was your goal weight, you’re still not happy, people don’t seem to like you more, you certainly aren’t happy with yourself, that boy still doesn’t like you, and you’re miserable.

So you start to think that you need to continue to lose more weight.

You think that this obviously wasn’t enough and you need to be “skinnier” in order to actually be happy and love yourself.

Is this starting to sound crazy now that it’s not just in your head and it’s written and all out in the open?

Does this sound like any way to live?

Continuously beating yourself up.

Feeling guilty over every piece of food you put into your mouth.

Thinking you need to wake up and run for an hour to burn off the calories from a night out with friends.

Forever hating your body.

No, this is no way to live.

It’s not healthy and it is never going to make you happy.

What you really want is to be healthy, to be strong, to be fit.

I know, because I’ve been there.

I’ve been at a body composition that I was uncomfortable with myself, I’ve been at a weight that I was very underweight – both I was not confident or happy.

Then, I discovered my own strength.

I became educated on weight training and proper nutrition.

I was soon increasing my weights in the gym, gaining muscle, becoming stronger physically and mentally, everyday.

When you are “skinny” you are not necessarily “healthy.”


I wasn’t.

I had no energy.

I had no social life.

I looked sickly.

I was no fun.

I have never been as confident, healthy, happy and strong, as I am now.

30lbs heavier than my lowest weight in September of 2013.


The number on the scale cannot tell you how your clothes fit.

The number on the scale cannot tell you how strong you are.

The number on the scale cannot tell you how much the people in your life love you.

The number on the scale means absolutely nothing.

You do not have to starve yourself and do hours of cardio to be happy in your body.

The way to a healthier and happier you is to find a way to make a full on lifestyle change, that will benefit your health in the long run, but that is sustainable forever.

People can never guess how much I weigh, because I weigh a lot more than I look.

I don’t get offended, or upset about the number on the scale.

I am not worried about what other people think of me.

I am proud of how far I have come, physically and mentally.

This new strength, and confidence came from letting go of what society thinks I should do and look like, and focusing on my health.

So take it from me, you don’t want to be skinny.

You want to be strong.

You want to be healthy.

You want to be happy.

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How to Kickstart Your Metabolism 

The word metabolism is thrown around all the time;“I have a slow metabolism, it makes it so hard to lose weight”, 

“You are so skinny you must have a fast metabolism,”

“Eating every three hours helps speed up metabolism.”
However, most people don’t know what it actually means.
Metabolism: the energy required to maintain normal and life sustaining body functions (breathing, heart rate, body temperature, tissue growth -muscle, etc.) while at rest. 

In other words, your metabolism is the amount of calories your body needs in a day to survive and continue to function properly, it is related to the rate at which your body burns calories and how efficiently it uses the calories you feed it. 
Resting metabolic rate (RMR) doesn’t vary a whole lot in healthy people, with the exception of those who have an underachieve thyroid, however you can increase the energy needed to sustain your functions and how your body uses the calories you consume by increasing your lean body mass. 
Exercise actually changes how your body uses the calories you eat. 
Muscle is more “expensive” calorie wise to sustain than fat, 1 pound of muscle burns 50 more calories at rest than 1 pound of fat. Therefore, if you gain 10 pounds of muscle your RMR increases by an extra 500 calories a day!
That means by strength training and gaining muscle, you can technically “speed up your metabolism” because your body will need more energy (food) to sustain it’s functions, especially tissue repair and growth. Furthermore, when you strength train regularly your body will learn to store the food you eat (mostly carbs and protein) differently; what you eat will go to your muscles first because it knows that you will need them either for energy in those muscles in the near future, or to repair those muscles from a workout. However, don’t let that make you think you can eat whatever you want all the time, because there is a limit to how much glycogen (stored form of carbs) your muscles can hold, and after that amount your body will start to store it as fat. The good news is, the more muscle you have, the more calories your body will be able to handle to either maintain your weight, or even lose weight! 
On the other hand, certain habits and behaviours can technically, “slow your metabolism.”
One of the hardest things on your metabolism is hardcore dieting, for a prolonged period of time. The reason behind this is that our bodies are very smart; when you are in a calorie deficit for too long your body believes that you are not going to be able to find food again for a while, so in order to survive it starts to “slow down your metabolism.” This means that your hormones will make you store more of the food you eat as fat for energy and will also decrease your activity so you burn fewer calories and don’t “waste for energy”. Have you ever noticed that when you are dieting for a long period of time your weight loss starts to plateau? Or that you feel very sluggish….therefore move less?

 This is why “diet breaks” and/ or a cheat meal are great, not only for your mental sanity while trying to lose weight, but also for your hormones. Cheat meals (not whole cheat days/ weeks) trick your body into seeing that you are not starving it and allows it to start burning more calories again.
In conclusion, the best way to help with a “slow metabolism” is to add strength training to your routine and make sure you are not dieting too hard, too long!

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Being Just A Bit Better To Be Successful

Health and fitness is not supposed to be “all or nothing.”

It is a journey.

Yes, it can be good to devote yourself to something. However, you have to remind yourself that one little setback will not undo all of the good you have previously done. One mistake or slip up will not cancel out all the good choices you have already made. Eating one brownie doesn’t mean your whole day or week is ruined and that you should continue to eat the whole batch and a tub of ice cream.

Improving your health is about making little changes and slowly learning to be a little bit better than you were before.

Slow and steady really does win the health and fitness race.

As much as everyone wants to see instant results that is not only unrealistic and impossible, but it is not safe or healthy.

Anything worth having takes time.

Making a lifestyle change is hard.

It can be very hard.

But it’s not impossible, and it doesn’t mean you have to give up everything you love and totally change your life.

It doesn’t take much to change your life, the most successful people will start small.

If you can get yourself to commit to one little change and be consistent with it, eventually you will see results. Plus, you will have a healthy new habit. After this small change is part of your new lifestyle you can add another one that might be a little bit more challenging, make that change a habit, see more results, and keep going until you are pleased with your lifestyle and health!

There are three major areas I look at when starting with a new client:

  1. Water – are you drinking enough? (Think 2-3L of WATER a day, less caffeine and alcohol)
  2. Protein – are you getting enough? (You should be eating 1 serving of protein at every meal, think 1 piece of meat, tofu, protein powders/ bars, cottage cheese, eggs, etc.)
  3. Vegetables – are you eating enough? (You want to aim for 5 servings of vegetables every day, and it’s best to include multiple different colour veggies for variety of nutrients)

Furthermore, being healthy isn’t about following all of these “rules;” don’t eat carbs at night, drink this cleanse, etc.

It is about consciously making the better choice.

For example, you start to make your lunch for work everyday and bring a water bottle instead of grabbing a burger and pop at the closest fast food joint.

Or you are at a potluck dinner with friends, you choose to fill your plate with mostly veggies and healthier cuts of meat instead of choosing the nachos and 8 different kinds of dip, then you proceed to have one dessert, because you don’t want to deprive yourself, but you have the self-control to have one and be satisfied.

Or you decide to walk your dog after work when you come home, instead of going right to the couch to binge watch Netflix.

Most people know what foods and habits are good for their body and which aren’t, but it can be overwhelming to try to change them all at once. So don’t get yourself all worked up thinking being healthy and getting in shape has to be a daunting and difficult task. Getting in shape and bettering your health is about continuously making better choices, but not totally depriving yourself, you still want to enjoy and live the life that you are getting so healthy for.

One step at a time, one choice at a time, can totally change your life.

As always, if you need a little more guidance or help with where to start and what choices to make don’t be afraid to ask!

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You Are More Important Than Your Weight

*News Flash* no one cares about how much you weigh, other than you!

And that extra layer of love around your mid-section? I can guarantee you no one obsesses over it as much as you do. The only reason someone else may notice it is because you are constantly grabbing it and complaining about it.

Would you pick a friend apart like you do to yourself?

Hopefully not.

So why are we so quick to judge ourselves?

When did the number on the scale become such a topic of discussion, mainly anger and embarrassment, in our society?

I hear it all the time, even from people who don’t have much, if any to lose, that they think they “need to be 10lbs lighter” to be the right weight for their body.

Who says?

There’s a difference between needing to drop 30lbs for health reasons and thinking you need to be X pounds because some skinny fitness model weighs that – or because that number is easier to tell people.

There is almost 5 years difference in those pictures, and my weight is almost the same in both – in fact, I may even be a little heavier on the right.

Do you still believe your scale is the indicator of your self-worth?

I don’t believe in “goal-weights” because exercise doesn’t just effect the number on the scale but it changes where and how you body stores weight. The point of the picture is to show that the scale isn’t the be all and end all.

Every body is different. Every body is beautiful. Every body is perfect in its own way.

I have been many different weights and body compositions in between these two pictures, and although I am not currently the leanest I’ve ever been, I am happy and proud of myself and how far I’ve come; not just physically but mentally. It has taken me a long time to get to where I am, so I know it’s not a change you can make over night. However you can start to love yourself at anytime.

Go to a mirror, right now.

Then, say three things that you truly love about yourself.

At first this can be hard, but the more you do it the more comfortable you will get with this.

From now on try to replace every negative thought you have about yourself with at least 3 positive thoughts.

I’m not saying that I’m perfect,; I look at myself and could point out plenty of things I would like to change, my body image is still something I need to work on everyday. But each time I feel the negative thought spiral starting I try to remind myself of how far I have come and all that I’ve been through and everyday I get a little nicer to myself.

It’s true what they say; the most beautiful people are the happiest people who are confident and comfortable in their own skin.