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What Are You Waiting For?

Whether you are waiting for Friday, summer, a vacation, to lose the weight, whatever it is; we seem to always be waiting.

Have you noticed that?
All week long people ask, “is it Friday yet?”
All throughout the winter people complain about the cold, counting down to summer.
People say they will start living their life when they reach a certain goal.

We are forever counting down, and wishing away, the days for a certain event.

However, most of life is spent waiting.

There are more days during the week that are considered “work days” than there are days on the weekend.
That means, instead of making the most out of those days in the middle, most people spend the majority of their time complaining and being miserable while they wait for it to be the weekend again.

Winter, especially if you are in Canada, can feel like forever, but it is inevitable.
Every year we know it is going to come, so why do we instantly start complaining and allow something that isn’t a big surprise to drastically change our mood so much.

Unless you are one of the lucky people who live in a vacation spot, the chances are you are not always on vacation, and for most of us that means we are working and at our “boring, every day lives” the majority of the time.

This means that we waste the majority of our time waiting and being miserable, by choice.

The good news is you can change your life, by changing your outlook.
You can lose so much happiness by continually waiting for outside circumstances to change so that you can be happy. However, the happiest people are not the ones who’s lives are perfect and who are always doing something exciting, they are the ones who make a conscious choice to be happy and enjoy life now.

Instead of waiting for the weekend, or for summer,  make the most out of your time now. Focus on the positives and start to find things you enjoy about the time that you usually dread. Learn to look for things you like about your job (your co-workers, helping others, or that you have a paying job), find a new winter hobby, look for little things to make you happy during the “waiting” periods.
Monday through Thursday and winter coming every year are both inevitable, you know they are coming, so why let something that you have no control over dictate your mood. Stop allowing things that you cannot control effect your moods, take control of your life; choose to see the good, choose to find things that make you happy, and stop allowing the inevitable events make you miserable.

Just stop complaining.

The easiest way to be happier, any day of the week, any time of the year, is to stop focusing on all the “bad things” and to look for things that make you happy.

Our thoughts are like an avalanche, if you look for the bad and are miserable you will start to see more and more until you feel those thoughts have totally overwhelmed you. However, if you look for the good then you will start to see more and more of it until you are overjoyed with good thoughts.

Stop waiting for a certain day, a certain season, a certain someone to notice you; go out and make life happen instead of letting life happen to you.

Life is too fragile to spend so much of it sad and miserable. It is better to look back and see that you made the most out of each day, maybe made a few mistakes along the way, but that you enjoyed life, rather than to look back and regretting all the things you didn’t do, and all the time you wasted waiting for something to save you.

Smile more.
Be kind to others.
Laugh as much as you can.
Take up a new hobby.
Ask that person out.
Audition for the play.
Put yourself out there.
Live the life you have always wanted to live.



My dream is to inspire and help as many people as I can through my experiences as well as my passion for health, fitness and wellbeing.

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