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Find What You Love & Make It Work For You

Getting healthy or in shape does not have to, and should not make you miserable. There is not one “right way” to eat and exercise that will work for everybody. This is partially because every body type is different, but also because every person is unique and has different likes and dislikes.
There are so many healthy foods out there, so if you don’t like broccoli and chicken, that’s ok! You don’t have to eat it to be considered healthy, there are many other vegetables out there that you can eat instead of broccoli, and there are many other sources of protein that you can eat to get its benefits!
Oh… you don’t like vegetables? Salad is for rabbits? Healthy food is “boring”? 

How original

Luckily, with healthy being such a ‘trend’ lately there are so many easy, delicious, and health conscious recipes out there, just check the internet. 
There are many ways to make healthy eating enjoyable for you; it can be as simple as a different method of preparing certain foods, sneaking them in to other dishes or smoothies, or maybe you need to expand your menu and try some new foods. All you have to do is keep trying new recipes and foods until you find some that you like. Then, once you find which ones you like and don’t like it is very simple, eat more of the ones you like. 
Furthermore, once you start eating vegetables and fruit (which are both filled with tonnes of amazing nutrients and vitamins) regularly your body will, and no I’m not making this up, crave those nutrients – which means you will actually start to crave healthy foods. 

This means it will become easier and easier for you to eat healthy, and enjoy the process. For most people this also means that they start to enjoy the taste of other vegetables, that they might not have before. 
Isn’t it amazing how smart our body is when we fuel it properly.
On to exercise…. 

“I can’t run.” 

“I don’t like to sweat.”

“It’s hard.”

“I wouldn’t even know where to start.”
None of that matters. 

You don’t have to do any particular type of exercise for your body to benefit from it. 

There are so many different types of exercise. No matter what you have tried before, there will be something that you enjoy doing. 

Unfortunately, you will never learn what kind of exercise is right for you if you never get off the couch and try something. This means it may take actually getting up and making an effort to try new things in order for you to find what you like to do, however, once you find it, I promise you will never look back to your old, sedentary ways again. 
**Sidenote: this does not mean you will never be tired, or want to have lazy days. Those days are OK, as a matter of fact rest days are actually needed. Making a lifestyle change is all about finding a balance between being active and allowing yourself enough recovery, all while making sure you are not over-indulging in one or the other. 
There are many different exercise programs, sports and fitness classes out there, however if you do not enjoy it, if you do not look forward to your workout then what are the chances you will stick with it? 

The goal is to find exercise that you enjoy, and that you will want to keep doing in order to stay active as you age. For some people this means cross training, combining different kinds of exercise (strength, cardio, yoga) into their program and doing a little bit of each every week. Other people may love their pilates class (or at home video) and religiously do that workout 3-5 times a week, never becoming bored or even wanting to try something else. For some, their exercise could include their daily walk/ jogs with their dog. Any and all of these examples are great, because all of them get you moving, and any movement is better than no movement. Furthermore, this means that as your goals, likes and needs change, you can continue to change the type of exercise you do, as long as you keep active then you will continue to reap the benefits. 
The best “diet” and exercise program is the one that you enjoy and can do for the rest of your life. 

So get out there; try new foods, attend a new workout class, dance while you clean your house, find what you love and repeat!
** If you are totally lost or are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, just ask, and let me help you find what will work for you!

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Why Fitness is Really Important

Sure, having a six pack and huge biceps can make you feel cool, maybe give you a bit of confidence for a bit. However, it is not going to improve your quality of life. 
Fitness is really important because of the long term benefits and the impact it can have on your future. 

I’ve gotten to the point in my life (yes, I’ve reached this point after only 22 years) where having abs isn’t my life purpose. Yes, I do want to feel comfortable in my skin, but my self-worth will not be dictated by my body fat percentage. 

Of course, like most people, I worry about what people think about me. 

But, I no longer let those thoughts occupy much of my time. 

The more I learn about my body, what it can do, and how certain exercise affects it, the more I enjoy it. 
Fitness has helped to not only change my physical body, but shape the person I am today. 

Not only am I stronger in the gym, but I am more confident in my physical capabilities. 

I have seen the benefits of exercising as you age.

I have seen them in clients of mine, in their late 40’s and 50’s who say that they feel that they are in the best shape now that they have ever been. 

I have seen the effects in my 81 year old Grandmother, who does something active every day, whether that be going to the gym, riding her bike, or just going for a long walk, I think this woman may be healthier than me!
There is so much information about how exercise can improve health and decrease risk of disease, but none of those reasons evoke any emotion. So I decided to write about my exercise is actually important. 
I will continue to exercise because I want to age gracefully and with a higher quality of life. 

I will continue to exercise because I want to be strong enough to do things for myself when a man isn’t around to do it for me. 

I will continue to exercise because I want to be able to carry the groceries in, or run up the stairs without getting winded.

I will continue to exercise because I want to be healthy and strong enough to walk around without be at a risk of falling and breaking a hip. 

I will continue to exercise because I want to be healthy enough to run around and play with my kids and grandkids.

I will continue to exercise because I plan on spending the rest of my life making happy memories, not memories of being stuck inside a Doctor’s office.

I will continue to exercise because I know my body feels better when I do. 
My goal in life is not to live forever, but to enjoy it as much as I can.
You cannot control everything in life, in fact, there are many things that are out of your control. 

But, one thing that you can control is your habits. 

Do your current habits improve your quality of life?

If not, hopefully, this is the sign you needed to make a change! 

If so, keep on doing what you’re doing, and never let somebody tell you you’re too old to exercise!

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3 Simple Changes To Help You Lose Weight

1. Move as much as possible.

Stand up as often as you can, try to find things that you currently sit and do that you can do standing instead.
When sitting get up every 30 minutes and walk and/or stretch for as little as 2 minutes.
Fidget more.
Inconvenience yourself: make multiple trips carrying groceries, go to the far washroom at work, park at the far end of parking lot.
Make it your mission to sit less frequent, and for shorter periods at a time during the day.
** Research has proven that a 5 minute walking break every hour could burn an extra 500+ calories a week, that means without changing anything else in your routine you could lose 7 – 10 pounds in a years time.

2. Drink more water (and other zero calorie beverages)

Water not only helps your body function optimally, but sometimes you can feel hungry when you are actually just thirsty. Therefore drinking a glass of water before you eat can make sure that you are truly hungry, learning to eat only when your body is actually hungry (not bored or thirsty) is a great way to lose weight.
Furthermore, liquid calories, like pop, alcohol, specialty coffees, etc., may taste great, but they give you zero nutritional value with a tonne of calories.
By consuming calorie free beverages, like water, green tea, black coffee (or decreasing the amount of sugar/ milk in your coffee) is a great way to decrease your overall calorie consumption.
For example, say everyday at lunch you have your typical lunch with a can of coke. That can of coke is about 150 calories, in one week that adds up to 1050 calories, over a year that is 54,600 calories of sugar… If you cut out just that can of pop and nothing else for one year, you would lose 15lbs…. 15lbs just from cutting out one can of pop!

3.  Eat more fruits and vegetables

Start every meal or snack with either a piece of fruit or raw vegetables.
Fill up with healthy foods first and you will find that you become “full” faster, leaving less room for that highly processed junk that you usually crave. Did you know that those super delicious junk foods you crave, the ones with loads of added sugars and fats, are actually designed to leave you feeling still hungry? It is no snaccident that you are still hungry and craving more after you eat junk food, that’s the way it is made, it is made to make you over consume…. Whole foods on the other hand leave you feeling satisfied, which will not only fill your body with nutrients that it needs and allow you to feel like you are eating more, but you will actually be consuming fewer calories!

4. Stop Mindless snacking! (Bonus)

This last tip is sort of an extra, but it will make a huge difference so I didn’t want to leave it out!
Instead of just going to the pantry at night as you are watching TV and devouring a whole bag of chips – portion out 1 serving, and actually pay attention to the flavour of the food.
Have you ever sat down with a box of Oreos and before you knew it you were grabbing plastic because they were all gone?! We’ve all been there, and it’s OK. 
You will be surprised as to how much more satisfied you feel when you actually taste and eat your food mindfully, rather than stuffing it in your mouth like a zombie.
** However if you are following tip #3 your bag of chips should be some raw veggies and dip….and then if you are still hungry having 1 serving of chips/ 1 cookie, etc.
Furthermore, once you start paying attention to what you are eating and not just eating anything and everything that is presented to you (the candy bowl at work, leftovers, donuts that a co-worker picked up, etc.) you will see how quickly those odds and ends can add up.

There it is!

It’s not a quick fix by any means, but if you add in these tips to your everyday life I almost guarantee that you will start to see results.

Even if it is just one pound a month, in one year that is twelve pounds, which is twelve in the right direction.

Weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated!

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What Are You Waiting For?

Whether you are waiting for Friday, summer, a vacation, to lose the weight, whatever it is; we seem to always be waiting.

Have you noticed that?
All week long people ask, “is it Friday yet?”
All throughout the winter people complain about the cold, counting down to summer.
People say they will start living their life when they reach a certain goal.

We are forever counting down, and wishing away, the days for a certain event.

However, most of life is spent waiting.

There are more days during the week that are considered “work days” than there are days on the weekend.
That means, instead of making the most out of those days in the middle, most people spend the majority of their time complaining and being miserable while they wait for it to be the weekend again.

Winter, especially if you are in Canada, can feel like forever, but it is inevitable.
Every year we know it is going to come, so why do we instantly start complaining and allow something that isn’t a big surprise to drastically change our mood so much.

Unless you are one of the lucky people who live in a vacation spot, the chances are you are not always on vacation, and for most of us that means we are working and at our “boring, every day lives” the majority of the time.

This means that we waste the majority of our time waiting and being miserable, by choice.

The good news is you can change your life, by changing your outlook.
You can lose so much happiness by continually waiting for outside circumstances to change so that you can be happy. However, the happiest people are not the ones who’s lives are perfect and who are always doing something exciting, they are the ones who make a conscious choice to be happy and enjoy life now.

Instead of waiting for the weekend, or for summer,  make the most out of your time now. Focus on the positives and start to find things you enjoy about the time that you usually dread. Learn to look for things you like about your job (your co-workers, helping others, or that you have a paying job), find a new winter hobby, look for little things to make you happy during the “waiting” periods.
Monday through Thursday and winter coming every year are both inevitable, you know they are coming, so why let something that you have no control over dictate your mood. Stop allowing things that you cannot control effect your moods, take control of your life; choose to see the good, choose to find things that make you happy, and stop allowing the inevitable events make you miserable.

Just stop complaining.

The easiest way to be happier, any day of the week, any time of the year, is to stop focusing on all the “bad things” and to look for things that make you happy.

Our thoughts are like an avalanche, if you look for the bad and are miserable you will start to see more and more until you feel those thoughts have totally overwhelmed you. However, if you look for the good then you will start to see more and more of it until you are overjoyed with good thoughts.

Stop waiting for a certain day, a certain season, a certain someone to notice you; go out and make life happen instead of letting life happen to you.

Life is too fragile to spend so much of it sad and miserable. It is better to look back and see that you made the most out of each day, maybe made a few mistakes along the way, but that you enjoyed life, rather than to look back and regretting all the things you didn’t do, and all the time you wasted waiting for something to save you.

Smile more.
Be kind to others.
Laugh as much as you can.
Take up a new hobby.
Ask that person out.
Audition for the play.
Put yourself out there.
Live the life you have always wanted to live.