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Letter To My 16 Year Old Self

Stop being so hard on yourself.

Forgive all of those people who have hurt you. It’s not their fault. Everyone is doing the best they can.

Be more compassionate, try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes before you judge or get mad.

Why are you in such a rush? Life is not a race. Learn to enjoy the little things and be content now.

Stop worrying about the little things.

And trust me, it’s all little things.

Start asking yourself, “what does this really matter?” when you get upset by something, if it won’t matter in 5 years, or even next month – then why are you spending so much time bothered by it?

Don’t worry about what other people will think, do what makes you happy; everyone else is already pre-occupied with their own lives anyways.

Being “skinny” won’t solve any of your problems; it won’t make you happier, it won’t make you feel “good enough,” and it won’t help you love yourself.

You will do amazing things, you don’t have to know how or what they will be, but you will. Just follow that little voice in your head and keep doing what you love. The more you are true to yourself and follow your heart the more you will help and inspire others.

Eat your vegetables, because they are good for you and help your body function better.

Exercise to be strong, healthy and for the fun of it.

Pick your friends wisely; find people who lift you up and truly want the best for you.

Be kind to everyone, if they don’t accept it, don’t worry, that’s their problem not yours.

STOP STRESSING, you are too young to stress so much. Everything will always work out the way it’s meant to, I promise.

Have more fun with your friends. Don’t forget about school, work and other responsibilities, but you will be more successful in the long run if you make time for fun along the way.

Start practicing patience and taking control of your emotions. Getting angry and being upset only really effects your life and well-being, if someone cuts you off or takes your parking spot and you get angry at them all it does is ruin your day, do you think they will even notice that you are so upset? No.

Stop complaining. Continuing with the aggressive driver above, if you allow them to ruin your mood, then you go and tell people about it, you are dragging out the frustration and bringing others down with you.

Learn to let things go. Furthermore, if you stop, take a breath and don’t allow some bad driver to ruin your mood. you can literally change the course of your whole day.

Be nice to boys, but not too nice. Always stand up for yourself and only accept treatment you would want your daughter to receive.

You will have good days and bad days, but most importantly, you will have great days. 

The difference between a happy life and a miserable life is how you look at it. Try to always look for the good, even in the bad find and celebrate the good. Everything happens for a reason, sometimes the reason doesn’t present itself right away, but it will eventually.

Find more reasons to be thankful and excited, because you have so many amazing things to look forward to. However, don’t wait for them to be happy. Start being happy and enjoying your life now.


You deserve greatness.

You deserve to be successful.

You deserve to be treated like a Queen.

You deserve to be happy.

And don’t you ever forget it.

People will always see you how you see yourself, so walk with your head held high, a smile on your face, and bite your tongue when necessary.



My dream is to inspire and help as many people as I can through my experiences as well as my passion for health, fitness and wellbeing.

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