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Everything I Ate Today

“What do you eat for breakfast?” 

“Do you eat sugars? Bread? Fat?” 

“Oh I bet you wouldn’t eat that” 

I get asked about my diet so often that I figured it would be easiest just to show you. So, I took a picture of everything before I ate it today so hopefully it will answer some of your questions. 

*However, I’m not saying you should eat what I do because everybody’s body is different and everyone has different goals. What I am trying to say is that there are no “perfect” foods or meal plans, and that you don’t have to give up your favourite foods to reach your goals. 

I am also going to include pictures of me first thing and right before bed to show any sort of difference. 

Let’s begin: 

Breakfast before work was a bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter and walden farms pancake syrup, two slice of white toast (yes, you read that right – I ate white bread!! ) with peanut butter, a banana and yogurt. I don’t discriminate against what color my bread is, I just eat what we have in the basket. 

Oh, and how could I forget my large mug of heaven, I mean coffee! Black with a bit of stevia. 

Then my post workout snack I had a birthday cake combat bar, which tastes like heaven with one apple and one pear cut into slices because I’m a child at heart.

After my killer leg workout I had a leftover hamburger with ketchup and again a white hamburger bun, with a nectarine and pear both cut into slices. 

Then before I went back to work I had a quick and easy dinner because I was sort of in a hurry;  chicken with sweet potato, white potato, turnip and a salad. I cut up the veggies and sprinkled some spices on them then put them in the oven, super simple and delicious! 

… Then I was still hungry so I knew I needed something else to hold me over until I was home again so I had some rice cakes, one with honey and the other with Reese spreads… Anything peanut butter and chocolate is my weakness! But hey, it gave me the energy I needed for work!

My bed time snack tonight was a banana, nectarine, a protein shake, one rice cake with peanut butter and honey… And some cookie dough ice cream because it was too hot not to! 

Was that what you were expecting? 

I hope not! 

Yes, the majority of the foods I eat are healthy. I always eat 7+ servings of fruit/ vegetables a day, at least 5 servings of veggies, but I also allow myself a treat every so often because I have a sweet tooth and life is too short to deprive yourself! 

And here, at the end of the day after all of my meals and over 3L of water, my body is happy, my muscles are pleased and I feel great!