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Challenge Yourself 

Time for a a little tough love. Are you comfortable with your life?

Are you impressed with your life?

Ok, ok, good.

But, do you think that you could do better? Do more?

Well, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone.

Although staying the same usually feels safer or “easier” and most people are satisfied with complacency because you’ve already mastered it… But that’s it. You’ve already mastered your current routine, so how will you ever get any better? If you just keep “going through the motions” of your life you may be ok with that for a while, but one day you may wake up feeling bored and unsatisfied with your life.

But that doesn’t need to be the case.

Achieving goals, being healthy, attaining true happiness and successful relationships, don’t just happen. You need to put in some work and bring these things to you.

Whether it’s with work, a relationship, your fitness routine, whatever .. keep setting new goals and continuously aim higher.

One of the main reasons that people never improve is because they allow themselves to get comfortable, or they’re scared and stop trying to be better, they just become satisfied with staying the same.

Now, there is nothing wrong with staying where you are. Especially if you are already content with your life.

But you have the ability to be even better and happier than you are right now, and you can start by just aiming higher and then making a plan to reach those new goals.

It doesn’t even matter what aspect of your life you try to improve. You could challenge yourself with a work goal, a personal goal, a nutrition goal, or even a relationship goal. And once you see that you can improve just by doing a little bit more, you will gain a sense of accomplishment and with that sense of accomplishment you also gain confidence. After that you will see that you are capable of great things and hopefully continue to challenge yourself as you continue growing.

Next thing you know your whole attitude and outlook has changed. You believe that you can be better, you can do anything, and your life doesn’t have to stay the same.

So do some reflection of your life now. Are you being complacent? Or are you constantly improving and challenging yourself and your talents? Are there a few areas you want to focus on?

Start with one area of you life.

Seriously, pick one, now.

Ok, now wrote down three things you can do this week to challenge yourself or get closer to that goal.

Then, do those things.

And repeat!
Continue challenging yourself!



My dream is to inspire and help as many people as I can through my experiences as well as my passion for health, fitness and wellbeing.

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