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Think Your Way Thin!

Did you know that you can use your thoughts to control your hunger and think your way full.. Therefore, aiding in weight loss!** Warning I am going to discuss a study for a little bit here at the start, if you don’t care about it just skip to the bottom!

There was a study done titled, “Mind Over Milkshake” done by Amelia Crumb, who states that “labels are not just labels. They evoke a set of beliefs” and basically it looked at how our view of how satisfying a meal will be actually effects our hormones and levels of “fullness” after a meal.

In this study she gave half the participants milkshakes that were labeled “light, 104 calories, guilt-free and fat free”, and the other half got milkshakes labeled “indulgent, 620 calories,and decadenct.” But the trick is that both of the shakes were exactly the same having 300 calories.

At the end of her study those who consumed the “light calorie” shake had higher grehlin (hunger hormone that tells you you’re hungry) levels and those who consumed the “indulgent” shake had much lower levels, meaning that the “decadent, high calorie” shake left them them more satisfied on a physiological level.

The fact that both shakes had the exact same nutritional content but resulted in such drastic differences shows the huge effect of the brain on our bodies and our hormones.

Crumb also states that since our mind can control our grehlin levels that means that our mind controls our metabolism as well and that by thinking about our food in different terms we have the power to improve our metabolism!

When grehlin levels in the stomach rise it signals the brain telling it we need food and therefore slows our metabolism because it thinks we need to conserve energy until we find food again. So, when your grehlin rises and you combat it with a big meal, your grehlin then drops, which tells the mind you’ve eaten enough and that we can start to turn the metabolism up so that we can use the calories we just consumed.


Ya, ya I know, this article is a bit more focused on the WHY – but I believe it’s important for you to know that when I give advice I am not making it up out of thin air!


Well, thanks for asking, it is quite simple!

Instead of looking at your food like it’s “bird food,” come in to each meal thinking fulfilling thoughts. One of the main psychological reasons why diets don’t work is because when we categorize our food as “diet” snacks, “low fat”, “sugar free”, or “light” we are going into the meal already believing that these foods are not going to satisfy our hunger. Start to focus on your food being nourishing, filling, satiating, pleasurable and full of nutrients and you will be surprised how different you feel after you eat!

Another point on controlling your thoughts to help control your waistline is to look at your habits. Did you know that certain habits can make you think you are hungry when you are really not. For example, do you always have a snack with your favourite TV show because you’re hungry or because it’s habit? Do you eat every 2-3 hours because you read that it would “rev up your metabolism,” or because you are actually hungry?

(Side note**Eating every two hours is actually not good for your body as you lose your real hunger cues and your body believes that it must be fed every 2 hours, out of habit. If you currently eat every 2 hours try spreading your meals out by 4-5 hours, the first week will be tough – trust me I went from eating every 2 hours to now about 4-5 hours I know – but you will get through it and your hormones will thank you for it!

Take control of your eating habits.

Stop eating because it’s just a habit.

Pay attention to real hunger cues, like your stomach growling and learn to enjoy every bite. 

Every challenge in life can be overcome by remembering one of my favourite lines, mind over matter.



My dream is to inspire and help as many people as I can through my experiences as well as my passion for health, fitness and wellbeing.

4 thoughts on “Think Your Way Thin!

  1. Awesome article! It is so incredible to me how interconnected our thoughts and spirits are with our physical body! the two are never separate…its amazing that our own self talk can affect our hormones. the human body is incredible! Thanks!
    PS I want to get out of eating ever 3 hours…will it affect my gym progress though?


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