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Calories, what are they good for? 

Calories are not the enemy. Calories do not make you fat.

Calories are not tiny monsters that sneak into your closet and shrink all your clothes.
Calories are important.

Calories give you energy.

Calories allow your body to function.

Calories keep you alive.
With all of the diet fads and crap circulating people have come to see calories as little demons, when in reality, they are literally necessary to your survival. Calories always seem to get bad publicity for “making people fat”, but do they people who preach such nonsense even know what calories are?

Most likely, no.
So I’ll drop some knowledge here: a calorie is a unit of energy.


Does energy make you fat? No!

It’s the exact opposite, energy allows you to move and therefore function and expend energy.
Calories do not make you fat.

Eating an excessive amount of calories does, but that’s just simple math. When you consume more calories than you burn of course you will store some.
Then there’s the discussion of whether all calories are equal or not.

Technically, yes…. But some foods are more nutrient dense (meaning a high amount of nutrients per the amount of calories) and some are considered “empty calories” (meaning they have no nutrients but a lot of calories).
Furthermore, it’s not like healthy foods don’t have calories, or that junk foods have worse calories, it’s that people are not aware of what they are consuming. Processed foods have more calories but less nutritional value so you feel like you’re not eating as much and are still hungry, causing you to eat more of them. Which usually leads to weight gain. Healthier foods like fruits, veggies and whole grains have more vitamins and nutrients allowing you to feel satisfied after eating them and therefore less cravings which means fewer calories consumed.

All foods have calories.

But some will leave you feeling hungry and craving more, while others will leave you filled with nutrients and energy.
Without calories your body wouldn’t be able to move, your brain couldn’t function, and eventually you would die.
So stop making calories out to be bad.

Look at calories as your fuel to give you energy to function, move and just enjoy your life.
The moment you learn to have a loving relationship with food instead of looking at it as “reason you’re fat”, you will change your life.



My dream is to inspire and help as many people as I can through my experiences as well as my passion for health, fitness and wellbeing.

3 thoughts on “Calories, what are they good for? 

    I just did a similar post about the importance of calories, or rather the lack of importance of calories. I don’t understand why things have to be so misshapen so where the actual meaning of it has been completely removed.


      1. Right?! That’s the whole reason I started blogging. I told my husband that I was sick of people not knowing the most basic things when it comes to our own bodies. He told me that it was then my job to do something about it, or stop complaining. I agreed. Those of us who know owe the rest of the population at least a basic explanation!

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