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When “dieting” be careful with eliminating food groups

Almost all fad diets seem to highlight one food group or macronutrient as the reason people are fat. There’s low carb, low fat, high protein, no carb (which you would actually die if you followed it to a T), paleo, gluten- free, the list goes on and on!

But those are all basically nonsense.
No certain food will make you fat.
The only way, I repeat, THE ONLY WAY, that a person will gain weight is by consuming more calories than they burn. Those calories could all come from vegetables and fish, it doesn’t matter, but if you eat more calories than you burn your body will gain weight.
It’s science.
I don’t care what you read in some magazine.

Carbs DO NOT make you fat.
Fat DOES NOT make you fat.
Bread DOES NOT make you fat.
Gluten DOES NOT make you fat. …
However, too much carbs, fat, bread, or gluten will make you fat.

The main reason that these diets work at first is because when you take away a whole group, that usually puts you in a calorie deficit… Therefore you are burning more calories than consuming, so you lose weight. SCIENCE.

The main reason these diets are harmful on your body is because by cutting out whole food groups you then begin to deprive yourself of the nutrients that you used to get from those foods. Yes even those “bad carbs that make you fat” like pasta and bread have nutrients that your body needs.

Now, some people have to cut out certain foods or food groups because of intolerances or allergies. That I totally understand and obviously you should not eat that food. But, if that is the case you should make sure that you are still getting those vitamins and nutrients from other sources.

Speaking of crazy diets that started with people with a disease and people now think it will help them lose weight – gluten.
I will try not to rant too much, but this fad just drives me nuts.
Does anyone who starts a “gluten free diet” to lose weight even know what it is? No. Well, maybe you do, but most don’t. Gluten is a protein, it is not a substance that once enters your body causes you to get fat. Gluten is actually essential and has many important nutrients for your body. The only people who should avoid gluten are those who are intolerant or have IBS/IBD.
If you start eating gluten free to lose weight a lot of people, unless they are paying attention to the calorie content, actually gain weight. This is because a lot of these gluten free snacks have more calories than the ones they are replacing.
Why you ask? Because they need to replace the gluten with something.

This goes along with all “diet” snacks, whatever they are taking out, they must replace with something so please always read the label so you know what you are eating.

Moral of the story: Don’t fall into fad diets just because it seems to have worked for someone else. Pay attention to what you put in your body and make sure you are giving it the right nutrients!



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