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Why I love being a morning person & how you can become one!

Do you jump out of bed every day before your alarm, ready to have a kick ass day?
Do you want to?
I have always been a morning person, but this year I decided to make waking up early more of a priority and am very happy with how quickly I’ve changed each day. I know when I wake up and start my day on a positive note that the rest of my day follows suit & is more productive.
Now, I know that not everyone is as chipper as me, in the morning… And I also know that to those people us morning people are usually seen as annoying.

But wouldn’t it be great for YOU to be that overly happy person at work in the morning!

Just imagine it!

You walk in with a big smile on your face, feeling good & suddenly, so is everyone else!
So here are my tips to not dread the morning:
1. Be prepared!

The night before (especially when I have to be up for 5) I get everything I will need for work tomorrow, that I can, ready.

– setting out my clothes, packing my gym back, making my lunch, etc.

This ensures that I am not rushed in the morning!
2. Go to bed earlier!

Duh, right?

If you go to bed knowing that you’re only going to get 3 hours of sleep then of course you will dread the morning.

On the contrary, if you start your bed time routine and know that even if it takes you an hour to fall asleep that you will still get 7> hours of sleep, then you can relax, have a good sleep and feel rested in the morning.
3. Before you even open your eyes, have time to whine about being awake already, or complain, smile and say “today is a great day” and smile!

This may seem corny and lame, but just do it okay?
4. Start your day with the right beverages!

Have a nice cold glass of water before you have anything else. After a whole night of sleep your body is extremely dehydrated, your body will thank me for this!

Then, you can have your coffee, tea, or whatever other drink you absolutely love and ENJOY IT!

Yes, the caffeine may help you wake up, but I want you to truly taste it and enjoy every sip.

This will add a bit of joy to your morning and give you something to look forward to.
5. Have a delicious breakfast!

This is not only a great way to give you energy for the day, but this is also something to look forward to.
6. Set goals and follow your heart.

It’s a lot easier to wake up in a good mood, with a determined attitude if you look forward to each day.

I find that I am extremely excited for each day when I feel I have a purpose to fulfill and goals to work towards.
Stay passionate & chase your dreams, you will not only become a morning person, but an all day person!
Okay, I made that all day person thing up, but I stand behind the above statement.



My dream is to inspire and help as many people as I can through my experiences as well as my passion for health, fitness and wellbeing.

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