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Handling Anger

Anger, not exactly the most admirable trait. And sadly, if you’re anything like me it can get the best of you some times.

I’m sure many of you are surprised to hear this, considering I am usually found with a smile on my face most of the time.
Part of the reason for my optimistic attitude is learning to recognize my frustration (and how usually silly it is), and how to deal with it properly.
Think about what makes you mad in the day?

– Hitting three red lights in a row?

– When you have to wait in line at the bank?

– If someone in front of you is driving really slowly?

– If your food takes long at a restaurant?

…Okay, so clearly a lot of my anger is based around my impatience, but hey, at least I am aware of it and am working on it ok.
But think about it, what difference does it really matter?

In the big picture of your life, what does it really matter?

Will the extra 30 seconds spent at red lights really affect your life that much?


In fact, maybe that is Life trying to send you a message.

Maybe, this is life giving you a lesson in patience.
Instead of being mad about these things, take the time spent waiting and think about all the things you have to be thankful for. Think about all the things in your day that have been going well.

And when that fails, seriously ask yourself, “in the larger picture of my life,what does it really matter”

I can almost guarantee that when you do this you will feel silly for whatever it is you are getting so easily frustrated with.
Not only will this ease your tension, lower your blood pressure and decrease your overall stress, but it will change the rest of your day as well and most likely make you more pleasant for everyone else who gets to spend time with you.
Picture this, you start your day sitting in traffic.

You start to get super frustrated about the person driving in the fast lane going the same speed as the guy right beside him in the slow lane.

*takes deep breath, because that would drive me nuts*

Now instead of swearing or making obscene hand gestures you take a deep breath, relax, and just cruise along behind the obviously new driver. Take the extra time you have during your commute to imagine the rest of your day going smoothly and set your mind to an optimistic attitude so you have a great day.

Then, when you get to work, instead of complaining about the people who clearly don’t know how to drive, you change the subject to the fact that the sun is shining, it’s Friday, or that you got there safely. (Plus hey, maybe that guy saved you from a speeding ticket).

These slight little changes will change the rest of your day, so not only will you have an amazing day, but you won’t be the cranky co-worker who no one wants to be around.
Don’t let someone else control your life and make you miserable!

Of course you can’t control everything around you, but you can control how much attention you give it. And my advice to you is to give things that irritate you little to no attention whatsoever.
** When all else fails and you just need to get some anger out of your system because nothing else seems to be working go outside, or to a secluded area, and just let it out. Swear, kick things, punch a pillow, give yourself 5 minutes to just be in your emotions and feel the anger.

And then when that 5 minutes is over, so is your anger, and you can get on with your day.
** Another great way to deal with anger is to use it to fuel a super intense workout!

When you are angry your body naturally releases more testosterone (and yes women have it too) which increases your strength and will allow you to have a super workout!
And remember, in the larger picture of things, what does it really matter?

Don’t allow a tiny issue to effect the rest of your day, because if it won’t still be a big deal in 5 years then why should you put your health at risk by stressing about it now?



My dream is to inspire and help as many people as I can through my experiences as well as my passion for health, fitness and wellbeing.

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