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Be inspired, not intimidated

People who don’t know my story and where I’ve come from always judge me. They think my life is so easy and that one day I just woke up looking like I do.
But I want you to know that that is not the case.

I have educated, motivated and pushed myself to get to where I am today.
The point is, I want you to know that I understand it can be hard. I know how it can be hard to start a workout routine and keep with it. I know how hard it can be to make healthier choices and not give in to my sweet tooth every time. I know how hard it can be to put in the work and not see immediate results and get a little discouraged.
BUT, I want you to trust me, and believe that your hard work will pay off.

It just takes time.

It doesn’t take being perfect 100% of the time.

I’m a firm believer in the 80/20 rule.

Aim to eat well, exercise and make smarter choices 80% of the time, but allow yourself to splurge, eat your favorite treats, or be lazy 20% of the time. This will allow you to stay motivated, there’s no need to beat yourself up if you skip one workout, or have a cookie. By giving yourself this freedom you can get rid of the guilt for having bad days.

I guarantee you that everyone you idolize has bad days and makes mistakes, but they don’t show you that. Most people only show their highlight real on social media. They don’t tend to show you their bad days, the days they feel a little bloated, they days they are unmotivated, or the days they broke out with a few pimples.

If real life was like social media then everyone would seem perfect because we could edit our images and only show our victories.

My goal is to show people that just because you don’t have the body you want now, that doesn’t mean you will never have it. I want to inspire people that with some knowledge and hard work, you can change your body, your heath, and your life.

Don’t allow fit and strong people in the gym to intimidate you, use them as your inspiration to work hard keep moving towards your goals.



My dream is to inspire and help as many people as I can through my experiences as well as my passion for health, fitness and wellbeing.

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