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No one is perfect, and that shouldn’t be the goal

I know everyone looks at someone else and thinks their life is so perfect and that they have it all together, but trust me, they don’t. It’s easy to look from the outside and see someone who has lots of money, perfect hair, a loving spouse or a six pack and wish you had what they had.

But even people with those “perfect” qualities struggle.

Those people have things they don’t like about themselves.

Those people have insecurities and flaws.

Those people have other people they wish they were like.

Those people have goals and dreams.

It is like a big circle; you are wishing to be someone else who is wishing to be someone else, who could be wishing they were you and had your qualities.

Do you know how many people look at you and think “I wish I had their smile”, “I wish I had their job”, “I wish I had their sense of humour. ”

So why are we always wishing we could be someone else?

Don’t insult God by wishing to be someone else, he didn’t make anyone inferior, you are a master piece.

It’s time to get excited about your life! When you are passionate about who you are, when you are confident in your own body, when you are happy with who you are and your progress, when you stop criticizing yourself and idolizing others, that is when you are the most beautiful.

That is when you will find out who you really are, that is when your life will come together and you will be truly happy.

What would happen if you were perfect?

What would happen if you had no flaws, the perfect spouse, wonderful kids, unlimited money and nothing to worry   about?

Your life would be BORING! How interesting would life be if you had nothing to work for or nothing to challenge you?

Seriously though, what would you do?


So, embrace who you really are and allow yourself to shine.

Enjoy the journey, because everyday will be different, everyday will have different challenges and triumphs, and you will never get to live today again.

Let go of the idea of perfect, because perfect doesn’t exist.

Just be you. You are enough.



My dream is to inspire and help as many people as I can through my experiences as well as my passion for health, fitness and wellbeing.

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