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Tis the season… holiday party tips

Holiday Party Tips

Well the holiday party season is upon us, which means social outings, parties and FOOD! Dieters tend to fear social gatherings, but fear no more! Holidays are a time for enjoying time with loved ones, good food, and being thankful. So I’m here to make sure you enjoy them, whether you are trying to lose weight, maintain, or just lead a healthier life!


1. Do NOT feel the need to diet during the meal

Don’t get me wrong, I am not advertising to eat everything in sight. But you don’t need to eat only green foods and lean proteins during your holiday meal. There is no need to go overboard and eat a whole batch of Christmas cookies, but one or two are not going to sabotage you.

You know that one good meal doesn’t instantly give you abs, just like one bad meal won’t make you instantly gain weight. Remember, it is a lifestyle that you are working towards everyday.
So, don’t sweat one meal, it is only 0.0009% of the meals you will eat this year, so really… what is it going to do in the long run?
2. Don’t show up starving!

A lot of people try to “save” their calories for big holiday meals and will therefore starve themselves before the event. But doing this leads to overeating, and even though you “saved up for this”, you end up eating more than you would have if it were a regular meal.

So don’t show up feeling stuffed, but eat enough before hand so that you are only slightly hungry and therefore will be satisfied with modest portions.

3. Enjoy the food, ESPECIALLY your favourite

One of the best things about holidays are that you know your favourite food, that you don’t have any other time of year, will be there too! So don’t let it be a source of anxiety. This goes along with point number 1, it’s only one meal! Plus, depriving yourself completely of certain goods can lead to bingeing which leads to guilt and usually a stomach ache.

So, whatever your favourite food is, whether it’s your Grandma’s pie or your Aunt’s famous stuffing, make sure you have at least one serving to satisfy your craving!

4. Do your socializing away from the dessert table

Remember, the whole point of Holidays are to be with your family, so take advantage of this time to enjoy them! By enjoying this time out of arms reach of the food it will stop you from mindlessly popping chocolate one after another into your mouth.

Talk more, snack less!

Also on this subject, use a plate! This will help you visualize how much you’ve eaten instead of just constantly having more and grazing.
5. Get your family moving!

Whether you suggest a family walk, or get everyone outside for some sledding or ice hockey, it will make everyone feel better! This will help get those sugars out of your blood and prevent the big energy crash that makes everyone feel like going into a post meal coma. Also, a little activity can get you out of some long uncomfortable family talks, like why you aren’t married with 5 kids yet… Unless that’s just my family, but I doubt it!

Get moving & make the holidays about more than stuffing your face and then not moving again.
6. Be cautious of the alcohol

I’m not trying to be the party pooper, but don’t keep slurping down glass after glass just because it’s a holiday! Alcoholic drinks not only fill you with empty calories, that you don’t even realize you’re consuming, but they also lead to more snacking, and less awareness of those food choices.

So again, enjoy the holidays, just sip a little slower!
7. Get in a good workout either the morning of or day after.

If you do the workout the morning of that will get your metabolism raging and therefore by meal time your body will take more of those calories to repair your muscles instead of storing the excess all as fat.

If you do your workout the day after then you are tapping into the stored glycogen (carbs) and using them to fuel your workout, again, using the calories more efficiently. Hey, maybe you will hit a new personal squat record!
8. Start fresh again

Get over the fact that you may have overate or got drunk, this is life. No one is perfect, and depriving yourself of your favourite foods and fearing the holidays is no way to live. Don’t let one day throw you off the entire month, get back on track. Don’t try to overcompensate by starving yourself again or running for hours. This takes away from the joy of being healthy and changing your life for the better.
Enjoy the holidays, enjoy your family, enjoy the food, and stay motivated!
Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!



My dream is to inspire and help as many people as I can through my experiences as well as my passion for health, fitness and wellbeing.

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