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My Best Tips to Achieving Your Goals (Part 1)

  1. Make sure you are doing it for YOU.

In order for you to reach a goal, especially one such as weight loss, you have to make sure you are doing it for yourself. Don’t do it because you think society wants you to be a size 0, or because you think your significant other might like you more, or because someone else told you to or thinks you should.

Make sure you are truly motivated and want to make this change.

When you you start a fitness journey it takes a lot of commitment and hard work, and if you aren’t internally motivated to make a change then you are not going to put the effort in required to see results. This will lead to you feeling more guilt because you aren’t meeting someone else’s expectations and the last thing we need in this world is more self-hate.

The desire for you to want to improve your body and your life should be stronger than any excuse you can think of, if you have this burning desire to achieve your goal then nothing will be able to stop you!

2. Educate yourself

You will not get anywhere in life, or in fitness, if you don’t have decent knowledge of the proper way to do it, how to do it and why you should do it. Especially with all of the nonsense information that is out there in the fitness and diet world between gluten free, low carb, teatoxes and skinny wraps, there is so much mis-information of what will work and what won’t. If you think that the only way to lose weight is by starving yourself and running for an hour everyday then you need a reality check.

There are so many different types of activity and exercise programs that will help you reach your goals, the reason education is important is so that you don’t feel obligated to do what some fitness model says they do in order to reach your goals, hurt yourself, or waste time and energy on ineffective and dangerous methods.

This means you want to know (based on legitimate research) what types of exercise will be the most effect and safest for your body, while also finding ones that you enjoy!

Don’t follow certain diets or routines because it worked for an athlete, body builder or model, remember those people all have professional trainers and have worked their way to that point (and probably don’t really follow that diet or use that product – they are just paid to say so)

If you have very limited knowledge on the subject your best bet is to hire a personal trainer to learn the basic principles, proper form, progressions, and how to properly fuel your body for activity and weight loss.

3. Set realistic goals

Don’t set yourself up for failure! Although you should always dream big, make sure your goals are realistic. You can have high hopes for the future, but don’t expect to make it to the moon on your first jump. You shouldn’t expect to lose 50lbs in a month, run a marathon within 2 weeks of training, or squat 200lbs your second day in the weight room. You should always strive for progress, but don’t strive to be the best right away.

Set small, attainable goals and once you reach them, reevaluate them and set new ones! This is the best way to improve because 1) reaching a goal (no matter how small) is something to be proud of, and will give you confidence to keep working, 2) when you continue to set goals then you make sure that you stay motivated and continue working and 3) you are more likely to lose that 50lbs, run that marathon or squat 200lbs if you put the work and commitment in over a long time of work rather then attempt to do it all at once.

Be realistic and continue to set new goals!

4. Slow and steady

Read my last blog post for more on this topic!

5. Take progress pictures

It can be hard to see changes in yourself when you look at your reflection everyday, this is why it is so important to document your progress through pictures!

Not only do progress pictures help you see how far you have come, but they can be great when you are feeling down and unmotivated. Progress pictures can show you what you are capable of, and seeing how far you have already come should be just what you need to get back on track!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my top tips!



My dream is to inspire and help as many people as I can through my experiences as well as my passion for health, fitness and wellbeing.

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