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“Oh no, I ate ALL the Halloweeen candy” / how to help yourself after a binge

“Oh no, I ate all the Halloween candy!!” / How to help yourself after When someone is dieting, especially if it’s for a long time they will come across certain situations or Holidays that will tempt them to break their diet and overindulge.

{this is why I ALWAYS preach making your weight loss / health journey a lifestyle change instead of a strict diet}
But anyways, a binge is NOT THE END OF THE WORLD and it is most certainly not a good reason to get back into old, unhealthy habits and make an excuse to eat more crap.
First, get plenty of water into you. Water is the best and most natural way to cleanse your body – so flush out as much as you can with water first.
Next, don’t deprive yourself of healthy foods now just because you over ate some junk. Especially because fruits and vegetables at this time will help you give the fibre to really flush out your system, if ya know what I mean hahah. This can not only lead to a cycle of binging and starving yourself, but it’s not the type of mindset you want going into this lifestyle change.
Then, tell yourself that you still love yourself. Remember that you are currently doing the best you can, with the knowledge and strength that you have in this moment & a binge is no reason to beat yourself up.

We are usually hardest on ourselves so you need to be your biggest supporter here and remind yourself that it doesn’t happen all the time and that you know you can get back on track.
Now, think about how your body felt immediately after.

Chances are, not so hot.

This means you can use this feeling to keep yourself on track with your goals. Next time you are in a situation that you want to binge (don’t deprive yourself) think of how it felt. Use this feeling to fuel your willpower and to help portion out your treats you have next time, this way you still get the taste and enough to satisfy your want, but not enough to make you feel gross.
MAIN TAKEAWAY: Don’t feel guilty and beat yourself up.


Pick yourself up and move on. Keeping your goals in mind, stay focused and look at the positives.



My dream is to inspire and help as many people as I can through my experiences as well as my passion for health, fitness and wellbeing.

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