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My Transformation SO FAR

The first picture is back in April 2013 (about 4 months into my journey and the first time I felt confident in over a year).

Second picture was September 2013… Was a result of a larger variety of exercises (first time I had a gym membership), no longer having my mother cook for me and stress from school.. There wasn’t too me, and I realized it was time to make a change.

Thankfully, being in the Fitness and Health Promotion program in College, my family trusted me to tackle my health on my own with my knowledge I was learning through school.

Which brings me to the end of summer 2015 – the healthiest, strongest and HAPPIEST (plus bad ass) I’ve ever been!



I am a 21 year old trainer who grew up in a small town with a dream to inspire and help as many people as I can through my passion for fitness and health. Although I am very driven and goal focused, I have a very cheesy sense of humour and am trying to have as much fun as I can while still achieving my goals.

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