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Eat healthy, for your life – not for “the look”

Eating a diet that has a variety of whole foods including fruits, vegetables and fewer processed foods has been proven to be a great way to lose weight. BUT there are so many other benefits of eating healthy foods than just looking better.

To be honest, I don’t care if you just start eating vegetables to lose some weight, but if you keep at it, I promise that you will start to notice a change in the way you feel and will therefore continue to eat vegetables in order to feel that way more often. You will also want to keep eating healthy foods in order to keep the weight off, but by the end of this post, you shouldn’t even need that motivation!

Eating a a variety of fruits and vegetables provides you with different vitamins and nutrients that will help your body feel good and perform it’s everyday functions optimally. Different vitamins have different functions in helping your body to work better. Including providing you with energy (B12), protecting and repairing your bones (Calcium), helping with recovery and better sleep (magnesium) and so many more!

You may be thinking, how will I know what foods have which nutrients?! Well, you can easily google it – but one of the best ways to ensure you are getting a variety of vitamins and nutrients in your diet is to eat a variety of colours! Did you know that different colours of fruits and vegetables contain different vitamins? This is why they say that variety is one of the main keys in maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Not only will they help with weight loss, maintaining your weight loss and better functioning in your body, but mineral and nutrient deficiencies are also linked with fatigue, chronic headaches and yes, you guessed it, weight gain. Therefore, by adding the nutrients that your body is missing through whole foods, you will notice more energy, fewer and fewer headaches, and YES, weight loss!

So eat the veggies, because you know your body will thank you for it today, tomorrow and every tomorrow after that. Eating a nutrient dense diet (foods that are higher in nutrients and vitamins and not packed with sugars, fats and chemicals) is the best cure and preventative medicine for practically any illness or disease.

You all now by now that I also believe you should eat the pie on family holidays and the pizza every now and then. BUT it shouldn’t be an every day occurrence… This is the problem with these foods being so accessible. Yes, they are a huge part of the obesity issue in our country, but eating these foods daily is a cause of lack of energy, heart problems, diabetes and just plain ol’ feeling like crap.

Did you know, that the less you eat sweets and high fat foods, the less your body craves them! They are sort of like a drug in the sense that they are addictive and your body thinks it needs them, but once you kick up your will power and decrease your number of “treats” a week, you will see that you truly do not need them!

So I challenge you, take note as to how your body feels when you start regularly fuelling it with whole, nutrient dense foods.Then if you are doubting the magic it is doing for you body, take note as to how you feel when you eat processed/ “junk” foods.. Chances are you will feel sluggish and like crap, which then leads to craving healthy foods!

Final Note: it’s not about starving yourself to fit in your old jeans. It’s about fuelling your body with the right nutrients in order to optimize your health, so that you will live a longer and more fulfilling life!

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How to lose the fat in those trouble areas!!

Being a personal trainer I get asked, almost daily, ‘how to lose this’ as they squeeze the extra fat on their tummy or smack their thigh, so I figured I should answer it on the internet for all to read.

If you know me, you know I am realistic and want to help whoever I can to achieve their goals and feel better, but heres the hard truth: you can’t lose fat in a certain area by doing certain exercises!

There, I said it.

“OMG, but where is this quick fix that I was promised to lose the fat in my trouble areas?!?”

The truth is, everyone has different body types and because if that will lose weight from certain areas first. You have the apple shape, who are typically the people with the larger belly and thing thighs. Then you have the pear shape who carry more of their weight in their thighs and butt and less in their abdomen.

Ok, ok, now I know you’re all mad at me thinking, ‘why did you get us so excited to just let us down like that?’ well I am getting to the how to BUT I need you all to understand that it is not a quick fix, there is no way to just lose the weight surrounding your tummy by doing crunches – NOPE, IT WON’T WORK!

The answer: Hard work and consistency!

It is a mixture of your nutrition and exercise. Since not everyone loses weight in the same areas first it may take you a while to see changes in the places you want to, which is why it is so important to stick with it, even if you don’t see changes where you want to at first, YOU WILL, if you keep going.  When you are in a calorie deficit your body decides what fat to get rid of first and what you want to try to hold on to. So yes, it will take time, and no, I’m sorry you can’t just spot reduce. But the feeling of satisfaction when you stick with it and start to notice changes – not just in your appearance, but your physical and mental wellbeing, is totally worth it.

So, my final piece of advice: keep going!

You will never regret going to the gym, but you will regret staying on the couch and putting it off.

{Oh and stay away from anything that promises to help you lose belly fat only, because anything that is super quick is potentially dangerous and will most likely not stay off!!}

Stay persistent and you will achieve your goals, just stay motivated and remember that you are worth it.

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The Importance of Being Your Own Competition

We’ve all been there, well, I know I have anyways…

Comparing yourself to people on the front of fitness magazines, thinking that just because you don’t have the muscles, hair, or following they do, that you’re not good enough.

And why?

You don’t know what they have gone through to get to that point in their life, PLUS they only show their highlights and you know that they had to diet down for that photo shoot, and then be re-touched.

So here I am telling you (and reminding myself) to STOP.

Take a look at how far you’ve come.

Think of all the hard work you have put in on your own journey, whether you have just started or are weeks, months or years in, be proud. Remind yourself that you have done your best and are closer than you once were to becoming the best you that you can be. Don’t just think of the big picture to measure your progress, include all of the little things, like if you have just started to add vegetables to your diet (your body thanks you and it will show), go to the gym three times a week (again, your body thanks you and it will show), or you have already lost 15 pounds, those are all things to be proud of.

Here’s a little tip, I guarantee you that the people you are comparing yourselves to are comparing themselves to other people, picking apart their own insecurities, because EVERYONE DOES IT.

I have had multiple people come up to me and tell me how “inspiring” I am, and how they wished that they looked like me (thank you btw – you guys fill me with joy), yet here I am constantly comparing myself to others…

But you know what, I’ve come a long way. And I think it’s time to be proud of that.

And I want you to be proud of yourself too.

For the next week, try to focus on things to be proud of – whether it’s upping a weight on an exercise, fitting into an old pair of jeans, having an apple as a snack instead of a donut, anything that is helping you get closer to your goals. Then, do this the next week, and the next week, until it becomes a habit. Not only will you be happier with yourself, but you’ll notice you start to make even better progress.

Right now, sit down with a pen and paper and write down 4 things you are proud of yourself for or that you are currently doing to reach your goals. Do this as often as you can, eventually you will only notice all the amazing things about you because there are so many.

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About me

I am 21 years old, a fully certified CSEP Personal Trainer and am super passionate about my own health and fitness, as well as those around me!

Over the past three years of my journey I have done it all, lost 30lbs and felt super happy and confident! Then stress and life got to me… I lost a little more, and my family brought this to my attention, I was no longer at a healthy weight, and I was no longer confident. So that was when the fun began, I started my muscle building phase and I am proud to say that since then (about two and half year) I have put on 20lbs of mostly lean muscle! Because of my experience I know what it’s like to be uncomfortable with your body and want to lose weight, but I also know what it’s like to totally transform your body and mind by putting in the work to gain muscle. I know it can be hard. It can be hard to get started. It can be hard to keep going. It can be hard to stay motivated. BUT, it can also be hard to stay the same.

So, I’m here to share my stories, my workouts, nutrition advice and hopefully brighten your day 🙂 welcome to my page!

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The Importance of Education

If I were to go to the start of my journey, you wouldn’t even have recognized me. Not just talking about my appearance, but my personality, my mindset and my love of life.

When I started trying to lose weight I only educated myself via the internet, twitter, famous people who were in shape, articles in magazine,basically all of the sources that I now roll my eyes at and tell my clients to stay away from unless they have a proper source.

But, like many of you, I just wanted to lose weight and gain some confidence and these people all seemed to have these things to work for them, so obviously I was going to give them a try.

For a very long period of time I was scared of certain foods.


How ridiculous does that sound?

How can someone be scared of food!

Food nourishes you, it allows your body to move, your brain to function, your body temperature to regulate, and so many important things.

Yet, I deprived myself of so many of the amazing foods I loved because I thought that was necessary to lose weight.

I ate “low carb”, stayed away from most breads, white potatoes, any refined sugars, NEVER ate a treat… And it was working (Keep in mind I was exercising regularly as well),I started to lose weight and was extremely happy about my progress.. So I kept avoiding foods thinking that my new “diet plan” was the reason for my success.

I told myself that once I reached my goal body that I would allow myself to eat whatever I wanted because I would no longer be trying to lose weight… But that didn’t happen. By the time I reached my goal I thought that if I ate anything with processed sugar or “bad” carbs, that I would gain all the weight back.

My “healthy food craze” got so intense that my family was actually scared of me, my obsession had gotten so bad it was effecting all of those around me.

Then, I started College… Still kept up with my healthy eating habits and exercising…. But I noticed I was starting to be extremely tired all the time, I just had absolutely no energy.

Thankfully, I went home for Thanksgiving after a month and my family (who hadn’t seen me for a month) noticed that I continued to lose weight and brought this to my attention.

At that point, I started to track what I ate to ensure I was getting the proper amount of calories to help me get back to a healthy weight.

Then via social media and the internet I heard of this new thing called “flexible dieting” – it was still another form of tracking your calories, but with certain amounts for each macronutrient – and they believed in the 80/20 rule… 80% whole foods, and 20% whatever you wanted.

This time, before I believed whatever I read on the internet, I did some researched… People were getting real results with this flexible dieting thing, but still got to enjoy all of their favourite foods. This sounded like a great way to reach my goals, and gain more peace of mind and balance in my life.

After one week of flexible dieting I loved it! I didn’t balloon up like I thought I would if I ate “junk foods”, but I was no longer depriving myself when I had a craving for ice cream or donuts or WHATEVER!

This was when I really started to find balance and peace on my journey and truly enjoy it.

It’s amazing what happens when you get educated on properly FUELLING your body for exercise and everyday functioning.


  1. Obviously it worked, I based my diet off of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and all of the healthy foods that should be staples in your diet.
  2. I was exercising, this helps with weight loss because it makes it easier to be in a calorie deficit which is the only way to lose weight, burn more calories in a day than you consume.
  3. I was consistent.. I kept with it for more than 1 week.

Take away:

Yes, there are MANY MANY ways to lose weight. But not all of them are healthy.  Extreme dieting is not only hard on your body, but very tough mentally and emotionally.. And tough on those around you.

EDUCATE yourself before you try the new detox tea, fast, or magic pill to help you lose weight.

You don’t have to deprive yourself of all of your favourite foods to lose weight, just don’t eat them all the time.

It is much healthier to lose the weight slowly and through a balanced diet with plenty of variety, than with a crazy extreme diet or exercise.

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Why girls, guys, and their Grandparents should lift weights

Strength training has SO MANY BENEFITS, besides helping you to build strong, beautiful muscles and curves, there are many health related benefits to strength training, like:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Greater bone density (this one’s for your parents and grandparents – HELLO STRONG bones and less fracture risk)
  • Reduce risk of diabetes, heart disease and risk of breast cancer
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Carries over to functional and daily actives
  • Decrease risk of injury
  • Better posture

and more!!

PLUS it gives you confidence, not only in your looks but in your own abilities.

The feeling of being able to carry a heavy box by yourself (ladies, you feel me) without asking for help or struggling, is a little victory of its own. Furthermore, being able to squat more than you could a month ago – well that’s just invigorating, but (as long as you’re doing it properly) is so good for you body! Squats are SO functional, work all the major muscles in your body, and doing them increases your metabolic rate!

So, what’s stopping you from lifting now?

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My Transformation SO FAR

The first picture is back in April 2013 (about 4 months into my journey and the first time I felt confident in over a year).

Second picture was September 2013… Was a result of a larger variety of exercises (first time I had a gym membership), no longer having my mother cook for me and stress from school.. There wasn’t too me, and I realized it was time to make a change.

Thankfully, being in the Fitness and Health Promotion program in College, my family trusted me to tackle my health on my own with my knowledge I was learning through school.

Which brings me to the end of summer 2015 – the healthiest, strongest and HAPPIEST (plus bad ass) I’ve ever been!